Business Studies

Bachelor of Business Administration – BBA

Master of Business Administration – MBA (Regular-2 years)

Master of Business Administration – MBA (Regular-1 year for BBA holders)

Master of Business Administration for Executives – EMBA (Regular-16 Months)

The Department of Business Studies is the oldest department of North Western University starting its journey with only one department namely, the Department of Business Administration. It started its academic activities since the inception of North Western University in the month of January 2013. In fact, the department of Business Studies is the prime academic unit where student enrollment began in this university. Business education goes a long way in preparing generations of youths to face the challenges of time and to build up a happy and prosperous nation. The necessity of and the ever-increasing demand for updated specialized education have made our philosophers, social scientists, educationists and entrepreneurs think of doing something positive in this regard. We must ensure that our future generations of students assimilate the advancements in every field of knowledge especially, the business education and are able to utilize it for the betterment of the country.