Mission of North Western University

The mission of North Western University is to serve diverse communities of learners who seek intellectually stimulating education to develop their life skills and achieve expected goals. The University, an exceptional place to study for both undergraduate and postgraduate degrees, strives hard to generate remarkable benefits for its students: potential life-changing situation, enhancement of professional competencies and a genuine academic environment for progressive thinking and ideas sharing. The University is committed to develop human resources for both national and international markets and eventually create leaders of outstanding caliber who will dedicate themselves to build a prosperous Bangladesh and help the process of modern globalization. The University recognizes that a wealth of learning experiences occur outside the classroom. It is therefore axiomatic that this abode of higher learning will inevitably succeed to emerge as an institution to maintain a caring society and excellent professional prospects through all its programs. To epitomize, the essence of this university is rooted in its modern intellectual and cultural traditions. It is inspired by the spirit of excellence and innovation in teaching to awaken and nourish the community of students with faith, zeal and service to society, self and the nation as well.